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The Freeman Heyne Toma Process

Every plan in life, whether it be financial, personal or professional, requires structure to be successful. As we work with you to build and implement a sound financial plan that supports your financial goals, we use our detailed approach to help you get there. Whether you want to plan for retirement, generate more current income or create more engaged employees, we want to see you succeed on your journey, wherever you are headed.

Getting to Know You

This is the first step in our process and it is the most critical element of what we do. During our initial meeting we will work with you to gather all of the pertinent information needed to help us develop an understanding of where you are currently, where you want to be, and what challenges and obstacles we need to overcome to help you reach your destination.

Strategy & Planning

Utilizing the information gathered during our initial meeting, we will begin examining our wide array of products and services to develop a strategy that best fits your unique situation. We will then sit down with you to provide a detailed overview of our recommendations. Making sure that you understand your investment options and that you are comfortable with your decisions is our top priority.

Implementation & Execution

The plans that we create have little value without action. You can feel confident knowing that when you decide to work with Freeman Heyne Toma as your trusted financial advisor, the strategies that we agree on will be implemented and executed with precision.

Monitoring & Transparency

At Freeman Heyne Toma, we understand that very few things in life remain constant. As circumstances in your life change, so too do your financial goals and objectives. We are here to help you navigate through those changes by monitoring your plan and making the necessary adjustments when necessary. To this end we emphasize the importance of regular and timely communication with our clients to ensure that your plan remains consistent with your current goals and objectives.